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    playstival about us

    Playstival.ie is the result of the work of a team of talented people who provide objective assessments of everything related to the online casino world, especially focusing on independent and honest reviews of the Irish gambling operators. The site offers a wealth of useful information on gambling, including prestigious virtual casinos, game providers, payment methods, casino game types, and the assessment of top games available on the market.

    Our Mission

    Our team consists of professionals who not only like gambling but also want to share their knowledge and insights with other players. Our main purpose is to recommend the best gaming websites, analyzed on the basis of meticulous factors and criteria regarding the construction and functionality of online casinos. All the reviews are completely unbiased and comprehensive, written by the industry professionals, enthusiasts, and seekers of the most comfortable and friendly places to play on the Internet.

    Our site was created to help players choose the best online casino for themselves. Due to the fact that the online gambling market is still growing, new and experienced players may not be sure which casino can meet their requirements. We have been observing online casinos for many years and we are experts in this field, which is why we decided to prepare for players detailed reviews of online casinos to which Irish players can legally register.

    Who Are We?

    Each member of the team brings something else to the overall success of Playstival. We might take interest in different fields of expertise but one thing is common for all of us – dedication. We wouldn’t do what we have been working on for the last couple of years if it wasn’t for the pure belief in our purpose. We love iGaming and we simply want to share this passion with others and educate the public on the best possible choices. Find out who we are and get to know us a bit better.

    Paul – Site Founder & Head of Development

    Paul is the creator of Playstival.ie. He spent 10+ years working on both B2B and B2C sides in the iGaming industry, having learnt the world of gambling inside out. Up to this day, he managed over 20 global projects, overlooking the processes of Ireland’s most recognised casinos online. After working hours, he likes to get some fresh air and cycle through his hometown, Waterford. We would name his favourite game but he simply refuses to stick to one. As he’s the boss of all the bosses, we allowed for 3 top titles: Immortal Romance, Book of Ra, and… bingo 90. No, that’s not a joke.

    Mike – Content Editor

    Mike breathes and lives online casinos. He can spend hours discussing new releases of online slots and roulette mechanics in virtual games. Can you imagine a better person to be responsible for writing reviews, articles, and news on our site? No, we neither. He has been working in editor roles for the past 5 years, analyzing the best casinos available for Irish players, as well as games and other casino-related aspects. Mike loves card games and he plays often in both traditional and virtual surroundings. You’ll often see him comparing blackjack tables from different game operators online!

    Lucy – Graphic Designer

    Have you seen our ultra Irish logo that we take so much pride in? Lucy is the one to thank for that! She’s our saviour when it comes to all visual-related matters. Thanks to her, Playstival charms us all with the friendly green website layout. She always takes into consideration users of the site first, which results in a well-organised and intuitive website. If she had to choose one favourite game in online casino, that would be Guns N’ Roses from NetEnt. We don’t have to say that it’s her favourite band, right?

    How Did We Start Our Adventure?

    November 2016 – Playstival is created. Paul sets up a site where he wants to share his passion for the casino. At first, the site contained only a few reviews of the best casinos on the Irish market, a small game portfolio and a list of payment methods. He fought with perseverance to be noticed on the web and gain the trust of readers. Individual departments gradually expanded.

    March 2017 – Mike joins as the editor, from now on the main task is to prepare a website content strategy. He also takes responsibility for creating informative and extensive articles. He ensures all texts featured on the site meet the editing requirements and are free from confusing details. He collaborates with Paul for nearly a year on a full-time basis, with the help of individual freelances who help with the piling up work. The site grows fast!

    October 2017 – Lucy comes with rescue and she pimps up the visual side of Playstival. The growing community now grows even faster and the lucky trio sees the incredibly high potential in the site. From now on, they collaborate with more and more freelancers, industry experts, and virtual casino operators, thanks to which they can easily earn a title of the best casino guide in Ireland.

    February 2018 – Present – Playstival is no longer a side hobby for a few casino lovers but a professional, full-time project that provides thousands of Irish players with the most elaborate and accurate information from the gambling world. The site continually expands and improves, gaining more and more followers and loyal readers. We’re definitely not slowing down so stay tuned and join us in this adventure!

    Why Should You Stay With Us?

    Honesty and impartiality of assessment are the values ​​sought by the audience of opinion-forming blogs. We are able to guarantee that they accompany us all the way – from the first contact with a selected online casino to building a matter-of-fact and detailed review. Articles posted on the Playstival.ie website always meet the high standards of our editorial staff. We strive to ensure that the information is provided in an accessible form, legible, factual and most relevant to the recipient.

    What Can You Find On Our Site?

    We are not like all casino review portals – we do not flood readers with lots of unnecessary data. We provide exactly what we would be looking for as players. We are clients of online casinos ourselves, which is why we are perfectly aware of the value of specific information for the player.

    The website is divided into strategic parts, containing descriptions of all issues regarding the use of casinos, their operation, the value of individual offers, as well as general content aimed at familiarising the player with the various forms of gambling. Summing up, we are a comprehensive and substantive medium, designed for both beginners and advanced players.

    Online casino reviews

    We prepare and edit comprehensive content on the essence of the operations of individual casinos on the network. We analyse the quality of their offer, construction, functionality to help readers choose the safest and most attractive place to play.

    Reviews of top casino games

    The site also includes descriptions of known and less known online casino games. We look very closely at the technical issues related to slots, as well as live casino titles and other game types, to bring readers closer to their possibilities and assess their chances of enjoying the given title.

    Best casino bonuses

    Our editors are always vigilant and can quickly catch the most attractive promotions in online casinos. Thus, we expose bonuses of low quality, protecting players from the effects of reckless decisions, resulting from inexperience or ignorance.

    Gambling news

    The online gambling industry is constantly changing, undergoing political influence, evolving under the pressure of increasingly modern technologies. Our experts are closely watching the market, catching all news and delivering them to readers in the form of short, substantive and always informative news.

    What We Do

    When creating Playstival.ie, we established a few ultra-important points to which we hold on to at all times. We strive to always make sure that:

    You acquire knowledge

    – By reading the articles on the Playstival website, we hope to provide help and advice to all gambling lovers. With us you will find out what is going on in the casino world, you will find the best bonuses and promotional campaigns on the web and read the glossary of casino terms.

    – You test games before you deposit real cash

    – We guarantee access to the best online slots that can be played for free! In addition, you will find here reliable game reviews, including a description of their bonus options.

    – You have access to reliable reviews

    – At Playstiaval, we present only proven online casinos. They all have a license, English language version of the website and accept Irish players. Our reviews describe the condition of the thing as it is.

    Our Rules And Values

    • Players’ needs first
    • We strive to provide the information you need and can find useful
    • We keep you updated on all business changes
    • Our casino reviews are always up to date
    • If you are looking for something and you have not found it, tell us about it!
    • We share passion and experience
    • Our reviews are written by experts in the field
    • We offer free access to information

    The Ultimate Irish Online Casino Guide

    We only review trusted, safe and legal casinos and online betting sites. We put great importance to whether operators have a license and participate in programs offering support to people who play in an irresponsible way.

    Our casino rankings are gaining huge recognition on the web, hence we make sure that they relate to various aspects of the game, are regularly updated and understood by all players, regardless of their level of advancement.

    Naturally, the website has been shaped by casino lovers for casino lovers. This means that all readers eventually contribute to our success too. For this reason, we always welcome everyone who visits us to share their opinions on the content with the team of Playstival.ie. Feel free to get in touch with us and tell us what you would like to see on our site, what recommendations for further improvements you have and inform us about any mistakes found on the site. We’re here for you and we hope to continue building a better and a more informative Irish casino community online!

    FAQ – About Us

    • Who is the team behind Playstival.ie?

    The team of Playstival.ie consists of highly experienced, skilled and passionate individuals who share the same interest – the world of online casinos. We are not only a bunch of good friends but, first and foremost, experts in the field of iGaming. In our team, you will find web developers, graphic designers and content editors.

    • Who writes reviews at Playstival.ie?

    All content found on the site is provided by unbiased and reliable content writers and editors, who have spent years in the industry testing and assessing individual operators, as well as games, payment providers and game developers.

    • Can I share my opinions with you?

    Absolutely! We welcome all readers to get in touch with us and share their recommendations and feedback with the team. Such information does not only improve the actual state of the site but also helps us prepare better and more customer-tailored content in the future.

    • Can I use this website for free?

    Yes, of course! The information found on Playstival.ie is available for readers at no cost and all content should be used for informative purposes only.

    • Do you always provide up-to-date content?

    We strive to! The world of iGaming is developing as we write this, however, we always try our hardest to stay informed with all-things Irish online gaming. Our team regularly updates the content on this site and conducts fact-checking activities to ensure the correctness of the site.